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Ken Moliver
Editor, MakerHackerBuilder

About this community:

This space promotes curiosity and cooperation. More companies are joining the philosophy of open software and hardware. Hacker/Makerspaces are opening all over the world. The Internet, especially with sites like Quirky, Instructables and You Tube, have changed the way people, ideas and resources come together. People are going out of their way to Cooperate and share.

The Hacker – Maker - Builder movement is upon us.

Through knowledge comes understanding. The term 'hacker' really describes a person

who understands a topic well enough to interact with it.

Take what you know and learn to build upon it. Experiment, fail and create.

Re-imagine something in a new context. All new art and music come through hacks.

Inventions and innovations always come about by making incremental changes to existing things (and thoughts)

that evolve into wonders.

Nothing is created in a vacuum.

Share what you know. Everyone has something to offer. Humans got to where we are by getting better and better at passing knowledge along. Partake of any of the opportunities that are multiplying in societies. Encourage cooperation on any front. Cross pollinate your ideas with whomever will listen. Innovators everywhere are using things in new ways and combining them into new products. Be a part of that.

About the editor:

A lifelong student on the way things work, he sailed the world as an Operating Engineer, in the Merchant Marines, for over 30 years. Isolated out at sea with small crews, he saw first hand how well the ship ran when everyone cooperated with one another. Ken, with his wife Paula, share a passion for crafting. When their children were young they were successful Art and Craft Designers under the name Moliver Made. Paula is now interested in everything related to fiber. She dyes, then spins fiber so she can knit or weave using her own Artisan Yarn. Together they are learning how to 'hack' all the tools and equipment used in this industry. Ken utilizes his local Hackerspace, using their tools and advice when needed. As a result, Paula now has a working 1860's spinning wheel with a new 'Grandmother-of-All'.

In life, and in my job, it served me well to hack as many things as possible. Because of my belief that almost everything can be improved, modified or made to do more then one thing, I can't stop modifying and “improving” anything I get my hands on. Hackerspaces are amazing places where I find the camaraderie of like-minded people to work with on projects.

Best thing is... Their eyes don't roll when I tell them of another great idea I just had.