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Square Foot Gardening
Ken Moliver , Editor | May 11, 2016
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I started reading my old copy of “Square Foot Gardening” by Mel Bartholomew again. What a wealth of good and useful information for gardeners everywhere! Most of us would prefer fresh vegetables if not for the work.. I recommend starting with at least lettuce and some herbs you use in cooking. Keep it simple and you won’t get overwhelmed. You only need a few feet of sun.

Mel gives us his three characteristics of a perfect growing mix.

"First of all, it's lightweight, so it is easy to work with and easy for plants to grow in. Next, it is nutrient rich and has all the minerals and trace elements that plants need without adding fertilizers. Finally, it holds moisture yet drains well."

As each square is harvested other crops are rotated in. When you focus on one square at a time, it is easier to prepare and to weed during the growing season. I personally built raised beds. This is also a great way to introduce children to the joys of home gardening. Think about giving them their own squares to take care of.

With spring in the air this is an opportunity to make your plans and lay out the garden. Do the best you can and keep notes throughout the growing season. This is only the beginning. In future years you will find yourself improving and refining your technique.

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