Maker Faire NY 2015
Ken Moliver , Editor | Oct 2, 2015
Title: Editor
Topic category: Makerspace Community

The NY area MakerFaire brought together interested and interesting people of all ethnicity and age groups. It appeared that most activities were geared towards attracting the younger audience. And that is good since they are our future. Many area hackerspaces and makerplaces are spin offs clubs within high schools and colleges. They were showing off what they could do. Class projects produced Hydrogen fuel cell and battery driven electric vehicles as well as lots of inspiration. Computerized Numeric Controlled devices of all types were well represented. More companies are making more types of 3D printers that do more things. Many groups showed robots as a way to get in on the microprocessor boom. Mobile educational units travel around sharing this new technology in areas that do not have fixed locations. It really is great to walk around one of these shows. Try to find one in your area and get inspired.

Tags: Maker Faire, Makerspace, Hackerspace, Cooperative Community
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