Modular Phone Blocks
Reducing Electronic Waste
Ken Moliver , Editor | Apr 20, 2015
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Visionary Dave Hakkens sees the future of consumer electronics as modular. He assembled a team to try to end planned obsolescence and reduce electronic waste by pushing the idea of a modular cell phone.Phonebloks produced a video to try to steer the industry towards a more modular direction. Using the ‘power of the people’ it was successful. Google's famed ATAP group has taken an interest in this idea.

From Wired Magazine:

Project Ara is Google’s attempt to reinvent the cellphone as we know it. It’s an attempt to launch a phone where all of the main components are interchangeable via modules that click in and out, attaching via electro-permanent magnets.

Inventive minds are already looking into expanding this concept to other electronic devices. There are opportunities here.

Google’s Project Ara

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