Xerox's Innovation Group Dreams of a Better Future
A Creative Leader Defining Change
Ken Moliver , Editor | Apr 28, 2015
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Sophie Vandebroek, the CTO of Xerox, has been helping to redefine their mission. Xerox PARC (short for Palo Alto Research Center) has a long history of radical new visions including the mouse, the GUI (graphical user interface, like Windows), folders, file servers and email, and even the PC itself. Since 2006 Sophie has been the head of Xerox’s Innovation Group helping to foster creativity by engaging in what Vandebroek calls "dreaming sessions" with its clients. These are unstructured sessions designed to get Xerox and its clients to think more creatively about problems and solutions.

She also has a plan to get the best, most innovative work out of Xerox employees.

"Having fun is one of the principles I always talk with new hires about," says Vandebroek. "Unless you have fun, you can’t truly bring your intellect, your skills, and your deep knowledge to push the boundaries of the unknown, to invent and create."

She goes on: "Being innovative to me is being both creative and entrepreneurial. And you can’t be creative and entrepreneurial unless you truly bring your heart to work, and have fun at work. Having fun is really essential. You need to have fun every day."

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